Dear Judith;


Pansy loved it!  She was very impressed, and loved the look and feel of it.  She said she would phone you, so I hope she choses a time when you can answer the phone.


I have found some pink yarn which I made with mittens in mind – but perhaps it will end up as a hat.  Maybe next month you will find out about that!


Best regards,    Eleanor

Calls of the week

Thanks Judith. Just picked them up from the office. They look great!


Shobhan H. Vachhrajani MD, PhD, FRCSC 

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Testimonials & Accolades
Letter of the week

The priest was very happy.  He loved what you did.  Thank you.


Mariana Arteaga

Wlison Centre

Toronto General Hospital

Judith -- Dad says you've done your usual wonderful work. "Worth every penny."


Ian Angus

Hey Judith -

just a quick word to let you know that I was able to pick up the bound copies of my thesis - they look stunning.

many thanks and have a happy new year,

cheers, Darcy

Darcy Burns

LC-NMR facility manager

Trent University

Hello Judith,

I had a wonderful time meeting you and being in your studio this morning.  Your love for books, their ideas, and the stories and people behind them is certainly infectious.  I walked away knowing why I had waited so long to have the thesis bound.  As the saying goes: when the book is ready, the bookbinder will appear.  It has been a tremendous journey of the mind, in more ways than just intellectual, that I took with this work, and now that I am finally at peace with it and with all its associations, I am glad that it will be rightfully incarnated as an artifact. And safe in your hands.

Best wishes,


Thanks Judith

great work on yr site - amazing what you did with that Puck annual.

i used to live on Huron st - worked at Coach House Press back in the 70's. Not too far from you



Ross MacDonald

56 Castle Meadow Rd

Newtown, CT 06470

Check out my store:

Thanks Judith, you did an absolutely professional job on my thesis.  But you already know that because you've mastered the binding process!

Kind regards and all the best,


Thank you again for doing such a beautiful job on my score.



Hi Judith,

I plan to use your services because I have seen your binding for the theses of my colleagues. Can you advise me on the type of paper I should use.  I have a thesis from Beverley Cathy Craven that is really nice.  Would you know what type of paper was used?


Jackie Hochman

Hello Judith, 

Your book is just magnificent. Hope to see you soon. I might make a short trip to Toronto if I now you'll be there.
Maria Soteriades
November 2009
Hi Judith:

In 2002 you bound a U of T thesis for me- I have another- can you bind it, 3 copies?

Best wishes,

Hello Judith,

I have a question that I am sure is a long shot. You bound my doctoral dissertation in spring/summer 2007, "Informed consent and genetic databases: an exploration of the authorization model."

My hard drive has since corrupted and I cannot seem to locate a final electronic copy of my dissertation.  Is there ANY chance you might have this on file?

Many thanks.


Robin Hayeems, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Toronto

Dept Health Policy Management and Evaluation

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a copy to give him!

Dear Judith,

I would like you to bind two more copies of my MA thesis, one inscribed “For Bernard Morris with affection” and the other inscribed “For Jamie and Terry, with love.”


Hi Judith,

My aunt told me she got in touch with you and will send you the cheque. I'm glad she has been able to work it out with you.

I have been surprised that your business has not been swamped with work from UofT. Especially since you offer such excellent services. I wonder if you business has dropped off in the last year because UofT no longer advertises 3rd party thesis binding companies on their website. I recall that your name used to be on Grad Student's website when I was doing my Masters degree.  However, when I finished up my PhD, I couldn't find your name anywhere on the website. I think the University is trying to direct business to the UTP Printing Shop to do the binding. Anyways, I'll tell my supervisor and others to direct work your way since it is well worth it.

Happy Holidays!


[PhD, Chemical Engineering, UofT 2009]

…I have looked into this [MS Word to PDF conversion bug] and there is nothing that I can do to remove / modify the formatting. The roman numerals are apparently a Microsoft bug and do not seem to be able to be changed without source code. This arose because in the last round of edits, I used a new version of Word. This is absolutely amazing and there really should be a massive lawsuit against them for this (yet again).  Incidentally, that is why I chose an Apple…




I LOVE the binding!!!


Sorry I did not communicate that last evening. I saw my supervisor last evening and she loves the colour. Do you have enough for two more of the lilac? r how about the dusty rose?


I'll have to make three more sets. I need to collect the receipt so I can get the $100 back from OISE and use that as part of my payment for the next three. I'll be ordering two (lilac) or if not enough, one lilac and one dusty rose.


Again I LOVE the binding:-)

Helen Pearman Ziral, PhD, MA, MEd

Intergenerational Spirit Injury, Wellness & Recovery

Organization/Human Relations Consultant/Coach

Hello Judith,

The bindings are spectacular! Thank You.

I need two more copies. What times are convenient for you?


Thanks again.

Zahra Kurji

Dear Judith,

Thanks so much for your wonderful work; my parents are so pleased with the finished volumes.  And I am too.  I am glad that I waited to get them bound by you, and it has been a pleasure to meet you.

I told my friend about you and hopefully she will bring in her dictionary to you one of these days.  As well, I will certainly be referring others to you. 

Have a great week, and please get in touch if there is anything I can do for you.

Best wishes,



Jenny Huynh, Ph.D.

Dear Judith,
The books are beautiful!!! 
I am extremely happy with the final products!

The gold lettering on navy is very nice indeed!  I am especially happy with the silver on the navy with the extra decorations!!  And the 25% cotton paper is my favourite one!
I will be very confident presenting such lovely volumes to my committee members!
Thank you for all your direction and support through the “printing process”.  I am so very glad you raised the paper grain issue – I am very happy with the feel of how these pages now flip through the hand.
I will be back in touch if it is necessary to bind another copy.
Many, many thanks!
 I will pass along your brochures - with a strong verbal recommendation added!
Warm regards,
Corine Carlisle, MD, FRCPC
Hospital for Sick Children

Hi Judith,

The courier brought it over a little while ago and when my boss stepped away from the office we had a look at the volumes. They are beautiful! My boss’s wife Dr. Amira Klip loved the [marbled] paper we chose and it really looks super. Thank you again for your beautiful work.



It was wonderful to meet you in person on Friday. I had heard "good things" and had seen your work in the theses of Margie, Ariella, Beth . . .

I had also heard that you are quite open to and understand arts-based approaches as forms of inquiry. I know that not only is this all true, but there is so much more: You ARE an artist! Thank you for seeing through my apples. It's so encouraging for me to know that my work speaks in its own way . . . even when the actual text has not yet been read. I especially appreciate how your honour not only my presence in the thesis but also the presence of my six co-participants, and the presence-to-be of the reader. I will definitely include an end-pocket with samples of the six fabrics to be touches, seen and handled!

I've been thinking a lot about the other possibilities our conversation has opened up for me. In my own handmade paper, I will omit the flower fragments. I'm concerned that the acidity over time will affect the paper too much.

Also, I very much like the burlap imprinted French (?) paper . . . and its coral hue. Autumnal. And perfect with the coloration of the first Magritte apple image I used !!! Setting a tone at the beginning, and leaving a lingering presence at the end. I would like to ask you to "reserve" some of that paper for me, if you can. I will likely need 9-10 bound copies in total.

Thanks so much again: You said that you were tired and that you didn't feel particularly creative. Well, you've given me LOTS already! I'll stay in touch. 

Best wishes,


PS - If you have a few moments, could you please tell me (again) the name of the French papermaking house where the "burlap paper" originated and approximately when??? Those "provenance details" are important to me, and I would love to read up on them a little if I can! They all add additional layers to my work . . . 

Christine Van Halen-Faber

Dear Judith;

... yes indeed, [the slipcase] is so sturdy and that comes through the hands holding it; it is a marvellous compliment to the [Stern & Taylor’s] work of it encases. Send[ing] you my great compliments and appreciation for your work of art Judith. The sleeve is a perfect piece of hand made punctuation which gives me great pride in being able to count amongst my favourite pieces of art. Thank you ... for your work.

warmest regards;


Michael J. Coulis
Operations Manager, Arts-Based Research Studio
Department of Secondary Education/Faculty of Education
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Hi Judith,

I am wondering if you are the same Judith Patterson who gave a book-binding workshop at the Women's Art Resource Centre in Toronto, probably in 1993? 

If so, I just wanted to say thanks! I have adapted the design of the Medieval Tacket Book to many different types of books over the years, making journals & sketchbooks for myself and for gifts with leather, denim, cardboard, and paper bindings and in varying shapes and sizes. The design has been so versatile it is great! I am so glad I went to that workshop and got so much out of it. I just thought I would let you know. :)

If you are not the Judith Patterson who I met, it is quite the coincidence that you are a bookbinding specialist in Toronto. I am sure you won't mind getting this email by mistake.

All the best,


Check out the latest art projects by Lorraine Whelan & James Hayes @

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Dear Judith,

Thank you for delivering the beautiful bound volume that you produced. It looks fantastic and you can be proud of such fine work and attention to detail, in design and execution. It is exactly what I was hoping for and it is a real pleasure dealing with you.

Please be in touch if there is anything you need.


Pascal Michelucci, Chair / Directeur
French Studies / Études françaises
University of Toronto
Odette Hall (OH 213)

Dear Judith,

Thank you--beautiful work again…I really appreciate the quality of your work,

Prof. John Magee

Department of Classics, Centre for Medieval Studies

University of Toronto

Hello Julia, Laura and Bob,

I found a great thesis binder in Toronto ... I forwarded her PDF flyer to the GSA.

I thought it'd be good information to have on-hand as she's very familiar and has a great deal of experience with European thesis standards (along with North American).

Perhaps this might be useful to other International students from the same city as myself?

Thanks so much!




Janice Fung

Hons. B. Des. | PhD (Architecture)

Provisional R.G.D.

Hi Judith,

I received the thesis last Friday. It looks excellent, I love the colours and the gold ribbon. Thank you so much you did a great job!

All the best,


Dear Judith,

Would this Friday be possible, or some time next week? You mentioned that you wouldn't mind seeing the collection in situ, which would certainly be possible - even preferable.

Of the ca. 150 volumes which need work, I suppose I'd begin with either Halley or Voltaire, but the bookbinder should have a say in that!




Thank you for your prompt reply Judith!


I have to tell you, I asked because I learned the hard way.  When I had to submit my thesis to ProQuest, I decided to order a copy just because I was tired…and excited.

Then….I got the copy.  I was so thoroughly insulted and disappointed.  I wrote them letting them know that as well.  The quality was so awful. The images were streaky and faded – which is a huge problem considering my study was on neuroimaging (MRI) and stroke recovery.  I told them it was an utter insult having worked so many years on this dissertation, only to receive the first copy with such poor quality.


Ok, I will stop complaining now. Thank you for your information.  I will definitely contact Ismail.


Thank you so much!


See you soon,


Via Yelp Review 
Judith bound my Masters, and was such a pleasure to deal with that I went straight to her when I finished my PhD thesis. She's an independent tradesperson with decades of experience bookbinding with classic methods. From the collection of book-binding equipment in her studio / home you can tell she cares about the craft.

She doesn't run a retail store, so you do have to arrange appointments by email or phone to dropoff your stack of printouts and pickup your finished work. She was very flexible and saw me on short notice. Her location is convenient if you spend your days at U of T St. George campus. I paid on the spot using an Interac e-transfer, and picked up the finished copies two weeks later.  They look great.

8/10 for convenience but 10/10 for quality,                    and a genuinely nice person to boot.

Anthony Hillard, U of T Engineering


Judith bound my Masters, and was such a pleasure to deal with that I went straight to her when I finished my PhD thesis. She's an independent tradesperson with decades of experience bookbinding with classic methods. From the collection of book-binding equipment in her studio / home you can tell she cares about the craft.

She doesn't run a retail store, so you do have to arrange appointments by email or phone to dropoff your stack of printouts and pickup your finished work. She was very flexible and saw me on short notice. Her location is convenient if you spend your days at U of T St. George campus. I paid on the spot using an Interac e-transfer, and picked up the finished copies two weeks later.  They look great.

8/10 for convenienc

Hi Judith,

It was a wonderful experience to not only share my thesis with my grandmother but with my entire family. The whole family went to the hospital to visit her and I was able to show it to everyone. My grandma was very excited to see it and hold the completed book. My grandma has been cheering me on to finish it since I started. It was an awesome feeling to finish and have a chance to show the final copy to her.

Thank you for the beautiful binding. The final product is even better then I had hoped for.

Kelly Setter

Art Therapist